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The Butterflies



112×76 cm




Grønn: 16 | Rød: 21




Somerset Velvet 300gr/m2


Rød, Grønn

kr 3,990.00

Tilgjengelig Torsdag 12.10.2023 klokken 11:00.

5% kunstavgift er inkludert i prisen. Ektehetsbevis følger med.

“The butterflies” is the band I wish I could be part of!
In essence, the artwork shows an imaginary music band born from “someone’s” imagination and hallucinations triggered by consuming a magic mushroom. The rest is open to everyone’s interpretation 😉

The whole project involved 2 months of digital creation, 1 month painting a mural inside a music studio in Bergen, and finally an exclusive edition of prints created through the serigraphy process. It’s a high-quality, numbered, and signed collection.

An artwork for collectors who value meticulous craftsmanship and the unique qualities of a manual printing process.

Ps: For art enthusiasts, whether through the print or by viewing the mural, a 30-second augmented reality animation of the piece awaits your discovery. This edition also comes with a small surprise for the ones who like stories.

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