Eileen Noonan

Eileen Noonan creates playful and emotionally evocative abstract paintings informed by her sensitivity to the imperceivable. Eileen Noonan explains “I ride pure, raw, sometimes demanding, sometimes elusive, fluid energy. Every blank canvas is an opportunity to dissolve into the oneness, connect and bring back what wants to be felt, expressed, ultimately SEEN.” Eileen’s work connects intimately with the world just outside of our ordinary sensory perception. Every drip, stroke and color choice is designed consciously and unconsciously to work in concert to bring to the viewer the most exact expression, evoking a visceral and possibly cognitive experience of that which is asking to be seen, heard, felt, understood. The experience is hypnotic and provocative. Her unique use of color and minimal design creates delightful and soulful journeys.


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    Eileen Noonan
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